Big Buddy/Little Buddy

The big buddy program is crucial to the success of the team and it’s values. Having seasoned swimmers teach and be an example for new swimmers, helps the sense of community on the team. The buddy system helps with team spirit by encouraging swimmers to cheer for one another. It also helps with swimmer progression as buddies remind each other about swimming techniques and rules.

Buddies will be announced prior to the first swim meet.

Big Buddy Responsibilities:

  •  Introduce yourself to your Little Buddy and get to know them throughout the season
  • Ensure that your Little Buddy has their event information written on their arm prior to team meeting
  • Ensure that your Little Buddy gets to the correct block on time for their event
  • Hold your Little Buddy’s towel while them swim
  •  Cheer your Little Buddy on during their races
  • Give your Little Buddy helpful feedback and celebrate with them when they improve
  • Make arrangements ahead of time for a friend to help your Little Buddy if you will miss a swim meet

Little Buddy Responsibilities:

  •  Introduce yourself to your Big Buddy and go to them first if you have questions during a swim meet
  • Let your Big Buddy know where your tent/canopy is so they can find you for your event
  • Cheer on your Big Buddy while they swim
  • Say ‘thank you’ often when your Big Buddy helps you